The 6 Keys To Financial Independence

Escape The Rat Race, Earn Passionate Income, & Build Generational Wealth

(And actually enjoy your money before you're 65)

"These keys are foundational to building wealth. It's not about getting rich quick."

Are you surviving on only 1 source of income?

• Discover why you won’t get rich from your salary and 401K• Learn how to build generational wealth from 200+ Millionaires (you never would’ve had access to)• Get the exact tactics & frameworks they used to achieve financial independence

Unlock the Keys to FI (And Never Ask Your Boss For A Pay Raise or PTO Again)

My name is Diego Corzo.I'm a DACA Dreamer turned multi-millionaire. Now I...• Invest in real estate, owning 64 doors (and counting)
• Founded a real estate education company called FI Investors
• Have helped hundreds of people become financially independent
• Am a Speaker and Host of the FI Investors Podcast

"This is screaming at me.
I don’t want to ask for PTO ever again.
I just want to get up and go."

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Day 0: Introduction & What You Can ExpectDay 1: (Key 1) Tracking your money: No, this is not another budgeting lectureDay 2: (Key 2) Investing in yourself: What that actually meansDay 3: (Key 3) Surround yourself with like-minded people: and how to meet themDay 4: (Key 4) Goal Setting With Accountability: How to set (and hit) your goals, unlike the New Year's Resolution crowdDay 5: (Key 5) Increase your income: Hint: It's not through climbing the corporate ladderDay 6: (Key 6) Invest for passive income: Steps to do so and the 100% rule